Two Tone Strapless Sweetheart Classic Fall Bridesmaid DressPeter Scartabello (b. 1972, Providence, Rhode Island) started composing at age 9. His early interest in computer composition brought about his first major work for orchestra and synthesizer in 1985-86, entitled ‘Drochthamion Demonica’. From 1990-91 he studied music theory and composition at Manhattanville College NY, where he also played percussion in the Manhattanville Symphony Orchestra. In 1991 he completed ‘Two Symphonic Poems’, for orchestra. In that same year he studied percussion with George Goneconto at Rhode Island College.

From 1992-95 Mr. Scartabello studied composition with Dary John Mizelle and Alvin Brehm at Purchase College NY, where he later received a BFA in classical composition. In 1993, his piece ‘Confined Infinity’, was performed at a concert at Purchase College under the artistic direction of renowned percussionist Raymond DeRoches. Mr. Scartabello also took part in the 1995 Purchase College Computer Music Forum, where his piece ‘Electro-Magma’ was performed. The piece was also broadcast on The Latest Score, 92.1 WOMR FM, Provincetown MA.

In 1998 Mr. Scartabello composed the music for ‘The Little Prince’, a short film by Christopher Reiser based on Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s novella. In 2004, the piece ‘Threshold’ was commissioned by clarinetist Sarah Ladd and was world premiered later that year by her ensemble at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. That same year he was also commissioned by guitarist Rusty Banks to compose the piece ‘Crystalline Lattice’ for Bb clarinet and classical guitar.

In 2006, the Warwick Symphony Orchestra (Rhode Island) commissioned Mr. Scartabello to compose his ‘Symphony No. 2’ to honor their 40th anniversary. Later that year guitarist William Maker commissioned him to write the piece ‘Difference Engine’ for two classical guitars. The piece was premiered that year by William Maker and Eric Christiansen at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.

In 2007 Mr. Scartabello began to focus more on his film music. That year he scored the short film ‘Woman of His Dreams’ by director Walt Foreman. In 2008 he scored Dave Merson Hess’s experimental short film ‘Fermentation of Desire’. In 2010 Mr. Scartabello composed the music for the feature-length documentary ‘Russian Lessons’ by directors Andrei Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya. The film was chosen to be part of the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah and was shown there later that year.

In 2010 Mr. Scartabello was commissioned by bass clarinetist Kathryn Lodano to compose a piece for bass clarinet and orchestra. The 1st movement of the piece was premiered in the Fall of 2011 as part of the NUMUS Contemporary Music Festival in Ontario Canada. In 2011 Mr. Scartabello also completed work on the feature-length horror movie ‘Bunnyman’ by Carl Lindbergh which was released on DVD by Osiris Entertainment.

In 2012 Mr. Scartabello completed work on the score for the documentary ‘Gulabi Gang’ by the acclaimed Indian director Nishtha Jain, released that year by Piraya Films. In 2013 he scored the sequel to Carl Lindbergh’s ‘Bunnyman’ called ‘Bunnyman 2: The Bunnyman Massacre’ (2014). The score for the most recent film project, ‘For Here or To Go?’, by Rucha Humnabadkar has just been completed and will be released in early 2015. This score marks Mr. Scartabello’s induction into the genre of romantic comedy. Mr. Scartabello currently lives in North Kingstown, Rhode Island and teaches percussion, piano and composition at the Knapp School of Music in Peace Dale, Rhode Island.



Complete Filmography

For Here or To Go? (forthcoming 2015)
Feature-length film. Director: Rucha Humnabadkar, USA.

Idlewild (2014)
Branded content short film. Director: Jack Stallings, USA.

Term Limits (2014)
Short Film, Director: Melissa Moriarty, USA.

Bunnyman 2: The Bunnyman Massacre (2014)
Feature-length film. Director: Carl Lindbergh, USA.

Spaces of Fear (2013)
Short film, Director: Mattias Marklund, Sweden.

Gulabi Gang (2012)
Feature-length documentary. Director: Nishtha Jain, Norway/India
Awards: Muhr Asia/Africa Award, Best Documentary, Dubai International Film Festival. Golden Chair, Best Documentary, Norwegian Film Festival.

Back to the Square (2012)
Trailer. Director: Petr Lom, Norway.

Nature’s Father (2012)
Short film. Director: Michael Thordarson, USA.

Across the Finish Line (2011)
Public service announcement. Director: Nathan Suher, USA.

Bunnyman (2011)
Feature-length film. Director: Carl Lindbergh, USA.

Russian Lessons (2010)
Feature-length documentary. Director/s: Andrei Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya, Russia.
Awards: Nominated, Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize. Nominated, Amanda Awards, Norway, Best Documentary.

Fermentation of Desire (2008)
Short film, Director: Dave Merson Hess, USA

Woman of His Dreams (2005)
Short film. Director: Walt Foreman, USA

The Little Prince (1998)
Short film, Director: Chris Reiser, USA