Concert Music

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Symphony No. 3 ‘City of the Singing Flame’ Op. 40 for orchestra. (2015)

The Gates of Celephais Op. 39 for large orchestra. (2014)

Concerto for bass clarinet and orchestra Op. 34 Will-o’-the-wisp
Commissioned by clarinetist Kathryn Ladano. (2010-2012)

Yuggothian Landscape Op. 26, for string quintet/string orchestra. (2007)

Symphony No. 2 Azathoth Op. 21, for orchestra. (2006) Commissioned by the Warwick Symphony Orchestra (RI) in honour of their 40th anniversary.

Symphony No. 1 Op. 10, for large string orchestra. (1998)

Sphere Outre Op. 6, for orchestra. (1995)

Two Symphonic Poems Op. 1, for orchestra. (1991)

Drochthamion Demonica, for synthesizer and orchestra. (1986)



Shub-Niggurath I Op. 41, for bass clarinet and percussion. (2017)

String Quartet No. 3 Fjardingsvagar Op. 36a (2012)
version for violin and cello Op. 36b

R’lyeh Op. 33, for flute and piano. (2009)

Six Aspects of the Shining Trapezohedron, for flute, celeste, glockenspiel, vibraphone, chimes and tam-tam. To commemorate the 118th aniversary of the birth of H.P. Lovecraft. (2008)

The Hall of Water, for concert harp and string trio. (2008)

Wind Quintet No. 1 Op. 30, for flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, horn in F and bassoon. (2008)

Wold Hill Op. 27, for flute, harp and string quintet. (2007)

String Quartet No. 2 Op. 24. (2007)

Difference Engine Op. 23, for classical guitar duet. (2006) Commissioned by classical guitarist Bill Maker.

Square of Primes Op. 20, for piano trio. (2005)

Threshold Op. 18, for 5 Bb clarinets. (2004)

Theme and Variations Op. 17, for 8 mixed ensembles / solo and tape. (2003)

Little Piece for Piano and Clarinet (2003)

Woodwind Quartet No. 1 Op. 16, for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon. (2002)

Cthulhu Op. 11, for oboe, contra-bassoon, harpsichord, viola and cello. (1999)

String Quartet No. 1 Cast Op. 9. (1997)

Nyarlathotep Ib, version for NewBand(Harry Partch Ensemble directed by Dean Drummond). (1995)

Delta Fluxus, for amplified trio(flute/piano/violin) and tape. (1993)

Charon, for five players of unspecified instrumentation, text by Lord Dunsany. (1992)

Confined Infinity Op. 2, for flute, percussion, piano and double bass. (1992)



Traversing Agrippa’s Magic Square Op. 38a for 3 electric guitars and electronics. (2014)

Verfallen, for piano, electric guitar, cello, contrabass and drumset. (2010)

Alpha Centauri Stone, for piano/keyboards, electric guitar, electric bass and drumset. (2010)

The 13th Partial Op. 31, for guitar, piano, moog synthesizer and drum set. (2008)

Deathstar Gamma Burst, for Bb clarinet, electric guitar, cello and drumset. (2005)

Pulsar I, for quarter-tone electric guitar, classical guitar, cello, electric bass and drumset. (2005)

Crystalline Lattice Op. 19, for Bb clarinet and classical guitar. (2004) commissioned by guitarist Rusty Banks.

The Way of No-Sword Op. 15, for electric guitar, percussion, clarinet and amp. double bass. (2002)

Nyarlathotep II Op. 14, for two electric guitars and amplified double bass. (2001)

Woven Stone Op. 13, for electric guitar, Bb clarinet, electric bass and drumset. (2001)

Dagon Op. 8, for classical guitar and harp. (1996)


SOLO (with and without electronics)

Traversing Agrippa’s Magic Square Op. 38b (solo version) for electric guitar and electronics. (2014)

Six Fragments of the Resonant Stone Op. 32, for solo cello. (2009)

Four Pieces for Solo Cello (2005) commisioned by cellist Tara Welinsky.

Hymnos Orfeo, for folk/lever harp. (2001)

Tsathoggua Op. 7, for classical guitar. (1996)

…The Signal… Op. 4, for classical guitar and electronics. (1994)

Electro-Magma Op. 3, for bass clarinet and electronics. (1993)



Across the Sea (2016)

12 Etudes for solo piano Op. 35 (2011-)

Epsilon Lyrae Op. 25,for solo piano. (2007)

Ex Oblivione Op. 22 No. 1, version for solo piano. (2006)

Umr At Tawil, for solo piano. (2005)



Velus Temporum for voice, electric guitar, string quartet, electric bass and drum set. (2014)

3 Rilke Songs Op. 37 for soprano voice, oboe, bass clarinet, viola and contrabass. (2013)

Polymorphic Bell of the Messenger, for voice, 2 microtonal electric guitars, contrabass, electronics and percussion. (2013)

Colony Collapse, 2 electric guitars, electric bass, cello, drum set and voice. (2008)

Una Lux Una Sonas Op. 28, for voice, 3 recorders, 4 electric guitars, electric bass and drumset. (2007)

The Sigil Set, for voice, quarter-tone electric guitar and drum set. (2007- )

-Coronation of the 24
-Venus(Hagiel/Kedemel/Bne Seraphim)
-Mercury(Tiriel/Tapthartharath) in progress
-Moon(Hasmodia/Schedbarschemoth Scharthan/Malcha Betharsisim Hed Beruah Schehalim) in progress

The Frozen Waterfall Op. 5, for 4 electric guitars, narrator and tenor voice,text by Clark Ashton Smith. (1994)

Nyarlathotep Ia, for soprano, flute and percussion with three assistants, text by H.P. Lovecraft and Peter Scartabello. (1993)



Am-Tuat Op. 12, for solo percussion and live electronics. (2000- )

The Sun, and The Moon, and The Stars, for large percussion ensemble and tape. (1993)



Time Keepers of the Ancient Void Op. 29, for synthesized and musique concrete computer sound. (2007- )



The Long Sun, for bell choir. (2001)