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Una Lux Una Sonas – Sky Shadow Obelisk (2011)
Exploring a more varied instrumentation and style, this second SSO release marks a new chapter of Scartabello’s progressive doom project.

Peter Scartabello – guitar, bass, drums, vocals, recordersGuest Musicians:
Neil Cabana – vocals
Christine Harrington – cello
David McNally – mellotron

Track Listing:
1. Colony Collapse Part 1, Colony Collapse Part 2
2. Una Lux Una Sonas
3. Dead Star Valley


Sky Shadow Obelisk – Sky Shadow Obelisk (2009)

Debut EP of Peter Scartabello’s Doom Metal project. SSO draws from modern classical, European melodic doom and progressive rock to weave a sound both simple and intricate in form, energy and texture.

Peter Scartabello – guitar, bass, drums, vocals

Guest Musicians:
David McNally – mellotron
Joe Charupakorn – guitar solo 1 on ‘Ex Oblivione’
Greg Brothers – guitar solo 2 on ‘Ex Oblivione’

Track Listing:
1. Sky Shadow Obelisk
2. Ex Oblivione



Verfallen – Anechoic (2011)

Anechoic’s 3rd release. The core duo is expanded to a trio with the addition of keyboardist David McNally (Kamchatka). McNally brings an extensive palette of sounds, along with solid writing and an amazingly intuitive improvisational style.

John Lima – guitar, electronics
Peter Scartabello, drums, additional guitar, electronics
David McNally – keyboards, piano, electronics

Guest Musician:
Christine Harrington – Cello

Track Listing:
1. Logistic
2. The Keep
3. Baritøne Stepsøne
4. Cluster
5. Heeyoum
6. Alpha Centauri Stone
7. Yuggothian Landscape
8. Baritøne Stepsøne (reprise)
9. Ulnaris
10. Verfallen



Leng Jin – Anechoic (2006)

Anechoic’s 2nd release exemplifies a deepening relationship between the creative forces of John Lima and Peter Scartabello. Once again exploring Eastern Thought and Mysticism, the duo engages in open improvisations, juxtaposed with more Western through-composed works by both Lima and Scartabello. Recorded at Yuggoth Studios and Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering.

John Lima – guitar, bass, electronics
Peter Scartabello – drums, bass, electronics, vocalization

Guest Musicians:
Christine Harrington- cello
Sarah Ladd – clarinet

Track Listing:
1. Leng Jin
2. Deathstar Gamma Burst
3. Kaseja
4. Aqueous Suspension
5. Variation No. 1
6. Hyperborea


The Way of No-Sword – Anechoic (2002)

Debut release by the avant-rock duo. The album is divided between through-composed works and thoughtful improvisations, as well an interpretation of a late Scriabin Prelude.

John Lima – guitar, bass, electronics
Peter Scartabello – drums, percussion, bass, electronics

Guest Musician:
Sarah Ladd – clarinet

Track Listing:
1. Woven Stone
2. Glass Bead Game
3. Prelude No. 4 Op. 74
4. Satori Shift
The Way of No-Sword
5. I
6. II
7. III

Waragi (2013)

Heavy, visceral guitar and drum duo. Comprised of Phil Mazza (Hungry Freaks, Interplay) and Peter Scartabello (Sky Shadow Obelisk,
Anechoic). Improvised and recorded live with absolutely no overdubs. Uncompromisingly raw and dynamic.

Phil Mazza – guitar
Peter Scartabello – drums

Track Listing:
1. Waragi
2. Still Life
3. Ether
4. Caned
5. Cuneiform
6. Hammer
7. Thermal
8. Gathering
9. Bowflex
10. Broken
11. Lament Configuration
12. Fermentation
13. Moonshine Warrior
14. The Spins
15. Lira Lira


Resurrection of The Sine – Peter Scartabello (2004)

The early works of Peter Scartabello from 1990-95. Exploring varying compositional techniques from late 20th century tonality to aleatoric, microtonal and electronic. Performed by a cast of thousands!

Stefani Starin – flute
Frank Cassara – percussion
Dominic Donato – percussion
Bridget Convey – piano
Chelsea Czuchra – flute
Frank Haynes – contrabass
Andy Hassenpflug – vibraphone
Eric Helmuth – percussion
Angus McClaren – necronomiphone, electric bass, narration
Patrick Gubler – bamboo flute, narration
Brendan Flaherty – electric guitar, electronics, narration
Sarah Ladd – clarinet
Tom Keller – electric guitar
Dan Reynolds – mallet percussion
Peter Scartabello – percussion, alto sax, electronics, narration

Track Listing:
1. The Sun and The Moon and The Stars
2. Confined Infinity
3. The Frozen Waterfall
4. Charon
5. Nyarlathotep I
6. Resurrection of The Sine


Cast – Peter Scartabello (2000)

‘Cast’ represents the more developed composition style of Peter Scartabello. These 3 pieces from the mid to late 90s showcase the composers more extensive use of the overtone-series and microtonality in his work. World class performances by clarinetist Michiyo Suzuki, classical guitarist Ben Moran and the Charleston String Quartet featuring violinist Charles Sherba.

Ben Moran – classical guitar
Michiyo Suzuki – bass clarinet

Charleston String Quartet:
Charles Sherba – violin
Lois Finkel – violin
Consuelo Sherba – viola
Daniel Harp – cello

Track Listing:
1. put your palm on my forehead and whisper, “the signal is getting stronger.” …in my ear.
2. I
3. II
4. III
5. I – Dehydration
6. II – Liquefaction

Disease Scrolls

Disease Scrolls (2006)

An intensely personal album. Peter Scartabello explores both the darkest and most sublime regions of his psyche in this fragile and completely exposed musical offering.

Peter Scartabello – drums, percussion, guitar, bass, voice, analog synths, crystal glasses, electronics

Track Listing:
1. Rehearsals for Extinction
2. Solitaire
3. Skin
4. Hydrogen Crown